AVT Reliability® makes Machine Sentry® Android™ app free to single users

Offer will support companies on digital reliability journey

AVT Reliability® has made its Machine Sentry® Android™ application available at no cost with the launch of a free single user licence for the condition monitoring system.

The move is designed to help companies wishing to adopt a digital approach to condition monitoring. 

The free single user licence allows the operative to download the Machine Sentry® app on any Android™ phone or tablet via the Google Play Store and use it to collect data from any sensors with Bluetooth® capability.

Users will have at their fingertips a condition monitoring system which accepts measurement data including vibration, temperature, visual inspections, process parameters, lubrication management and basic oil analysis.

The system’s automated diagnostic assistant (ADA™), which can predict stage 2, 3 and four bearing failure and detect a wide range of other fault conditions, issues alerts and suggested actions for impending problems which can then be addressed during planned maintenance activity.

Antony Gales, Managing Director for AVT Reliability®, which is part of the AES Engineering Reliability Group, said: “It is now widely accepted across all industries that a digital approach to a condition monitoring will reduce unscheduled downtime, improve productivity and reduce costs.

“However, making the move towards digitalisation can be daunting, particularly when profit margins are already tightly stretched for many companies.

“We’re offering the free single user licence for the Machine Sentry® app to give companies a risk-free opportunity to discover the benefits that digital monitoring can bring.”

The Machine Sentry® free single user licence can be downloaded via link.