Chain lubrication in a bakery


The drive #chains are automatically lubricated in a large bakery in Switzerland.

Increase machine availability with #simalube and reduce costs at the same time

simalube lubricates chains in any industrial environment, efficiently and reliably. A continuous #lubrication with simalube prevents premature damage, reduces maintenance costs and increases functional reliability. In companies where a lot of dust and dirt occurs, cleaning the chains is just as important as lubrication. This cleaning is always guaranteed by using the simalube brushes.

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simalube lubricates chains dosed and precisely

The #simalube dispensers are ideal for use in dangerous and difficult to access places. Once installed, the #lubricator supplies both the chain and the sprockets with lubricant evenly and reliably and for up to a year. With the extensive range of simalube accessories, the lubricant dispensers with brushes can be optimally and professionally installed and adjusted to the corresponding #chain applications. The exact dosing and precise feeding reduce lubricant consumption significantly.

simalube application areas for typical chain applications:

  • Conveyor and conveyor belts
  • Escalators
  • High-speed chains
  • Hinged belt and roller chains
  • Joints, slideways and rails drying systems
  • Chain drives
  • Transport facilities

Advantages of simalube lubrication systems:

  • Proven lubrication system for all types of chains
  • No oil puddles on the floor, no pollution of the surroundings
  • Reduction of service and maintenance costs: there is no need for manual lubrication, so there are fewer operations and the time saved is massive
  • Rust, loud running and squeaking of the chains are avoided by the simalube chain lubrication
  • No need to switch off the machines during maintenance
  • The precise lubrication extends the life of the chains significantly
  • Suitable solution for every chain thanks to individually applicable accessories
  • Once installed, the chains are reliably and continuously supplied with lubricant and cleaned