Meet the World’s SMALLEST Condition Monitoring Wireless Vibration Sensor!

 Sensemore Optimizes Maintenance Processes with the World’s SMALLEST Wireless Vibration Sensor and Smart Machine Health Platform. 

 Sensemore Technology prevents unplanned downtimes in production lines by detecting faults months before a failure occurs, thanks to the accelerometers and cloud-based software developed by Sensemore. With the sensors Sensemore developed, it collects data from equipment and analyzes the data with its Cloud-Based Software. At the same time, it offers quick and easy solutions with accelerometers, which are widely used in R&D and Quality & Control departments by means of the mobile applications it has developed. For developers, Sensemore products are not closed-box. You can see API and other documentation on 

It Offers Flexible Solutions with the Software and Hardware It has Developed. 

Thanks to its modular hardware and software that is open to integration, Sensemore can respond to even special needs with high success rates. It has 3 different machine health sensors for different use cases; 

Infinity: It is the low energy, wireless machine health sensor powered with BLE 5.1. Infinity offers a flexible solution with energy harvesting, external sensors, mobile application and API options. 

Wired: with its multi-point synchronous measurement and high temperature resistance, is used as a permanent sensor in production lines. With its compact size, it allows you to collect data from narrow gaps and points you need to measure. 

Anchor: In facilities where long-range communication is required such as cement, oil and natural gas, Anchor powered with LoRa technology offers a solution with the ability to transmit data up to 1 km. 

Sensemore also feeds advanced diagnostic tools by measuring the rotational speeds of the rotating equipment with the IoT tachometer it has developed. 

It can detect machine failures months in advance by processing the data from the 3-axis vibration sensors with user inputs and various pre-processing tools by way of its artificial intelligence supported cloud-based software. By adding extra sensors to the system, the instant status of the machines can be monitored in the cloud user interface, regardless of location, beyond predictive maintenance. 

It Provides Maximum Reliability with Plug-and-Play Products that will Simplify Maintenance Processes. 

While delivering a solution suitable for digital transformation to its users with various integration channels, cloud-based software is developing day by day and increasing the value proposition it offers. Its vision is to provide a service that will completely automate the maintenance processes by making them independent of human decision. For this purpose, maintenance personnel can either manually analyze the data on the measurement screen or prevent unplanned downtimes with Sensemore’s one-page automated fault reports. 

Sensemore also offers software and hardware infrastructure for OEM companies, by taking into account the market needs. In this way, original equipment manufacturers can both increase customer satisfaction and increase their competitive advantage by providing end-to-end service to their users. 

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