Recognize Bearing Damage Early and Optimize Bearing Lubrication


Recognize Bearing Damage Early and Optimize Bearing Lubrication With Digital Ultrasonic Testing Device SONAPHONE® And Structure-Borne Sound Sensor

✅  Although roller bearings are some of the most invaluable components in most machines, it is quite common that companies lack effective bearing inspection practices. Ultrasound can help monitor changes through trending and analysis to reliably detect deterioration in the condition of critical assets.

✅  This process is done through regular monitoring and trending of bearings. First, alarm thresholds are set based off of the level values collected with the SONAPHONE®. Then, once an alarm has been triggered, the technician can lubricate to bring the levels back to baseline or look at the raw time waveform data for a deeper analysis.

✅  The digital ultrasonic testing device SONAPHONE® combines innovative sensors and software for predictive maintenance. The new BS40 structure-borne sound sensor was developed and manufactured by SONOTEC to help companies worldwide take better care of their bearings. This compact and robust sensor is ideally suited for condition monitoring of rotating machinery parts. It is construced with a laser welded stainless steel housing and has a   ¼”-28 UNF threaded bolt to allow maximum versatility in mounting options.

✅  The BS40 can be used with magnetic waveguids for flat or curved surfaces. It is also able to be screwed to adhesive pads, which helps significantly with the reproducability of repeated measurements. Also, the optimized sensor characteristics in the range of 10 to 65 kHz ensures a linear frequency response, which help the user collect more accurate data from test point to test point.

✅  The sensor contains a piezocomposite material developed by SONOTEC which helps to overcome the disadvantages of many market solutions. This special piezocomposite allows users to collect data in a broadband frequency range and easily select a frequency to listen and view levels from.

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