SONAPHONE® DataSuite Software: DataSuite V replaces DataViewer

Fig. 1 Screen of the SONAPHONE DataSuite software, display of the measurement results in spectrogram, spectrum and time signal.

SONOTEC launches SONAPHONE DataSuite V for the SONAPHONE digital ultrasonic testing device.

The former DataViewer is now available in the modular SONAPHONE Web and App concept as an entry-level version “DataSuite V” or as part of the full desktop version DataSuite D. All existing SONAPHONE customers can update their DataViewer to DataSuite V free of charge. On top of that, there is an exclusive offer: a 30-day free trial of the full desktop version DataSuite D. Both are now available for download for all existing customers in the latest update version 1.4.0 on the portal.

SONAPHONE – The digital ultrasonic testing device for maintenance

Optimizing processes, increasing operational reliability, and improving energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important in the age of Industry 4.0. The SONAPHONE digital ultrasonic inspection device combines innovative sensor technology, intuitive apps and browser-based software. Thus, classic maintenance tasks such as machine diagnostics, leak detection, steam trap testing, and the inspection of electrical systems can be performed efficiently.

With the SONAPHONE product family, SONOTEC offers its customers solutions that are precisely tailored to the respective ultrasonic applications in maintenance. For example, the user can choose between the multi-application LevelMeter app and the special apps LeakExpert for leak detection and SteamExpert for steam trap testing.

The SONAPHONE DataSuite is used to store, trend, analyse and manage ultrasonic measurements. It is the heart and central data hub of the SONAPHONE web-and-app concept. It also enables the organization of all ultrasonic measurements within an asset tree as well as the trend evaluation of various levels and characteristic values as the basis for condition-oriented, predictive maintenance. 

Fig. 2 Data import of measurements from a completed inspection route to DataSuite Software

Thanks to optimally coordinated software and apps, the DataSuite software enables the intuitive collection of ultrasonic inspection data within defined inspection routes or as route-independent measurements.

The installation takes place on a desktop PC, laptop or tablet with Windows operating system. Three versions are available to the user: The entry-level version SONAPHONE DataSuite V (Viewer) and the full version SONAPHONE DataSuite D (Desktop). For corporate networks, the SONAPHONE DataSuite S (server version) is available.

Fig. 3 Overview of all available versions of SONAPHONE DataSuite Software

SONAPHONE DataSuite V – What’s new?

The DataSuite V not only replaces the DataViewer, but also has new features. In addition to the data import from the LevelMeter app, measurements can also be uploaded from the SteamExpert app. Furthermore, the latest DataSuite update contains, in addition to the integration of the new DataViewer, improved functionalities: A milestone in the further development of the SONAPHONE DataSuite is the import of free measurements from the LevelMeter App as well as the SteamExpert App. These can be easily transferred directly into the asset tree.

Fig. 4 User interface of the SONAPHONE DataSuite software