SONOTEC Introduces SONASCREEN IR – The World First Acoustic Camera for Preventive Maintenance with IR Functionality

SONOTEC GmbH presents the SONASCREEN® IR – the world first acoustic camera with thermal imaging function. This device for ultrasonic testing combines the well-known properties of the SONASCREEN acoustic camera and a thermal imaging mode, so users can keep a close eye on their critical assets. SONASCREEN® IR offers fast, intuitive and simple way to spot and troubleshoot the maintenance problems. A thermal imaging mode takes SONASCREEN® IR to a whole new level as it delivers huge performance increases compared to other regular acoustic cameras. The unique properties of ultrasound make it perfect for early detection of critical asset problems.

Industry-Leading Ultrasonic Technology for Preventive Maintenance

SONASCREEN® IR localizes sound sources using beamforming. It visualizes complex acoustic information in color in real time. The camera provides acoustic feedback via industrial headphones making ultrasound audible and visible. SONASCREEN® IR enables users to track operating conditions over time during regular inspections of the systems and quickly identify deviating measured values in order to initiate further investigations. This means users can detect weak points or damages at the earliest stage. Preventive maintenance with SONASCREEN® IR is the most reliable and efficient way to prevent unplanned downtime as it helps to extend the life of critical assets and improve the equipment performance.

Game-Changing Solution for Ultrasonic Preventive Maintenance

The benefits of our SONASCREEN acoustic camera are supplemented by the capabilities of a thermal imaging camera, which makes it even easier for our customers to carry out their inspection tasks. The SONASCREEN IR is still easy to use and detect compressed air and gas leaks as well as electrical partial discharges due to the selective localization of the sound sources on the live image. In addition, the user receives the acoustic feedback via ear protection headphones. As a result, they also see and hear inaudible ultrasonic sources and can, for example, distinguish compressed air leaks from other sound sources. With the additional infrared camera, electrical partial discharges in particular can be further characterized. The acoustic camera can find partial discharges at a very early stage and use software to differentiate between corona and surface discharge. The thermal imaging sensor is fully integrated into the device and can be used to determine on site whether the identified fault already has an increased heat signature, which is evidence of an advanced fault condition. 

Efficient Device for Operational Safety

SONASCREEN® IR lets users detect and distinguish between corona, tracking and arcing stages. It can be used for high, medium and low voltage applications, to test open or closed electrical systems, and to test control cabinets, switch boxes, relays, transformers, insulators, and more. The device is designed to detect partial discharges in the ultrasonic range at the earliest stage. With SONASCREEN® IR, it is easy to ensure the reliability and safety of equipment and recognize typical characteristics of partial discharges in the spectrogram. Users can display multiple partial discharges in one image. The acoustic camera comes with a free software for evaluation of electrical partial discharges and report generation in EXCEL and PDF formats.


Perfect Tool to Improve Energy Efficiency

The SONASCREEN® IR helps users to save energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions. It enables them to visualize leakages in a spectrogram, adjust bandpass filter and dynamic range, display multiple leakages in one image and filter out interfering sound or ultrasound in industrial environments. All this makes SONASCREEN® IR a brilliant device to support users in their energy audits. A free software for leakage loss assessment and report generation in EXCEL and PDF formats comes with the device and helps users to have all results in one place. SONASCREEN® IR helps to reduce the cost of electricity for compressed air to compensate for the exorbitant increase in electricity prices. An investment in this solution will pay for itself in a very short time and help you reduce your production costs in the long term.


Daria Sira
Marketing Manager

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Preventive Maintenance