Timken Positioned for Strong Growth in Automatic Lubrication Systems with Industry-Leading Offering

Company’s Groeneveld® and BEKA® brands expected to achieve double-digit CAGR through 2025 as more customers turn to automatic lubrication systems

The Timken Company, a global industrial leader in engineered bearings and power transmission products, announced today that its automatic lubrication systems portfolio has more than doubled in size from a revenue standpoint over the past five years through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. With its Groeneveld® and BEKA® brands, Timken is the world’s second largest producer of automatic lubrication systems for industrial applications.

The company anticipates 2021 will mark another record year for automatic lubrication systems revenue as it continues to expand its offerings and global presence. Longer-term, Timken expects the secular global trend toward automation will accelerate and that the company’s continued innovative product development initiatives could enable it to generate a double-digit compound annual revenue growth rate (CAGR) through 2025.ii

“Our Groeneveld-BEKA automatic lubrication systems portfolio offers industry-leading product breadth,” said Hans Landin, Timken group vice president. “Our proven innovation and reliability, coupled with our best-in-class customer service, are helping to drive growth as more and more of our customers across industries and regions realize the benefits of automatic lubrication products.”    

Timken entered the automatic lubrication market in 2013 when it acquired Interlube. In 2017, the company significantly expanded its portfolio and global reach through the acquisition of Groeneveld. When it acquired BEKA in 2019, Timken solidified its position as the world’s second largest producer of industrial automatic lubrication systems.iii These acquisitions have helped advance Timken’s strategy, which is focused on growing its leadership position in engineered bearings and diversifying its portfolio into adjacent products, markets and geographies.

Expanding production in North America, China

Later this year, Groeneveld-BEKA will begin assembling its new multi-line pump at its recently expanded state-of-the art North America operations headquarters in Dayton, Ohio. At the same time, the business is increasing its manufacturing presence in China in response to growing demand there. Ramping up production in both countries represents the development of a global manufacturing footprint designed to best serve the needs of its customer base.

“Founded in the Netherlands and Germany respectively, the Groeneveld and BEKA brands are both well-established in Europe,” Landin said. “Expanding production in North America and China will help grow the portfolio and unlock further opportunities.”  

Providing cost-effective, safe and sustainable benefits

Automatic lubrication systems can be more sustainable than manual practices and can help customers save money through more efficient use of materials and longer-lasting equipment. A properly installed automatic system can reduce grease waste by up to 50 percent. Additionally, oil-management systems like Oilmaster, for example, can help increase the lifecycle of a bus engine by up to 30 percent. And systems installed on wind turbines help ensure their continuous operation as reliable sources of renewable energy.

Safety is another key consideration driving the automatic lubrication system trend. Customers, especially in challenging environments like ports, mines and quarries, are turning to Groeneveld and BEKA automatic systems to reduce risk and prevent accidents. Also, they help lessen labor needs, especially for companies experiencing worker shortages.