Why adding too much grease makes Bearing Failure more likely

Check out this great “Reliability Rapid Fire” discussion video between Allan Rienstra & Haris Trobradović

Many companies add grease to their rotating assets on a regular – but unregulated – basis and they believe they are doing something good for the health of their machines. But if they act without guidance, discipline, or accountability, then too much grease gets added and the life of the bearing is cut short. Listen as Haris Trobradovič and Allan Rienstra defend the merits of ultrasound-guided lubrication and explains why lube techs are literally choking the life out of reliability.

The discussion starts with “Why adding too much grease makes bearing failure more likely” and continues with the following topics:

  • Why it is important to find bearing failures early”
  • Why time-based greasing is no longer considered better practice”
  • How to anticipate shaft coupling failures before they happen”