Gearbox Design Using the FVA-Workbench – Seminar


Gearbox Design Using the FVA-Workbench
Introduction – Simulation – Applications


The FVA-Workbench is a comprehensive software solution for the modeling, parameterization, dimensioning, and simulation of gearboxes. This seminar deals with the design, parameterization, and simulation of different types of gearboxes, from multi-stage industrial gearboxes through planetary gears. Some theoretical basics will also be covered. In addition to the simulation of individual machine elements, this seminar also includes simulation of the entire gearbox and cross influences.

Target Audience

New and experienced users who want to know become familiar with the latest features of the current version of the FVA-Workbench.

Main Topics

The following topics will be covered:

  • Overview of the latest features and functionalities of the FVA-Workbench
  • Modelling and parameterization of cylindrical and planetary gearboxes
  • Introduction to gearbox design with the FVA-Workbench


The goal of this two-day seminar is to demonstrate the operation of the FVA-Workbench for gearbox design. Modelling will be demonstrated and then applied using practical examples:

  • Power flow and main geometry calculation (with and without tools)
  • Calculation of load carrying capacity (ISO 6336 | Scoring calculation ISO/TR 13989 | AGMA 2101 D04)
  • Creation of load spectra
  • Shaft simulation (shafts and shaft-hub connections)
  • Rolling bearing simulation (lifetime)
  • Analytical load distribution (load distribution across the face width and modifications)
  • Noise excitation
  • Efficiency and temperature simulation of bevel gears


Dr. Ferdinand Wikidal
GearConsult – Failure Analysis and Consulting